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Chinese tours on Note that I plotted the top of the bottom range at 3, the first high in the bounce away from the magnet. This level was only challenged in the break at T, which was a tease breakout in technical terms and thus a skip. Subsequently, the T -5 pullback put in a very familiar ceiling test with the highs of the combi at 4, from which prices bounced up, with the close of bar 5 back outside the range. How many times have we not seen a similar flag-shaped pullback as a response to a tease breakout on our eur/usd charts. A good bracket on this trade would be the 50-level target (exit in bar Figure 1 1 .1 8 Let’s conclude our studies with one last example taken from the Nasdaq 1 00 e-mini. This time I plotted the chart in the 400- tick setting with the round numbers standing at the 1 0-levels (you can put in the 5-levels also) . Chinese tours 2016.

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