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China trip on see adulthood. Zz Zeigarnik effect the tendency for interrupted, uncompleted tasks to be better remembered than completed tasks. Some theorists relate this phenomenon to certain gestalt principles of organization but at the level of higher mental processing (e.g., memory), rather than at the level of pure perception, [described in 1927 by Bluma Zeigarnik (1900-1988), Russian psychologist Zeitgeber n. a cue, such as day length, used to activate or time a biological rhythm. See entrainment. China trip 2016.

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In all the years I sailed with Scots crews, he was the only person I found to be like this. Being a lone Englishman at sea among Scots, I was never so dense as to start an England-versus-Scotland discussion, and any joshing I received was always of a good nature. But with Roddy it was different, there was a real underlying unpleasantness, a bile that soured the air. In our normal day-to-day working we got on well enough. We were civil and talked to each other in a friendly manner.

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