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China travels on Questioned later by authorities in Radin’s disappearance, Jabobs gave conflicting accounts of an argument between them which ended in one version with Radin getting out of the car on Sunset Boulevard, and another, in which she exited the vehicle en route to the restaurant. In reality, Mentzer and Marti roughed up Radin in the limo in an unsuccessful attempt to have him cop to the drug theft (he was never involved) as Lowe drove to a secluded desert location 65 miles northeast of Los Angeles near the town of Gorman. At the end of a narrow canyon road in a dry riverbed, Radin was removed from the car and shot 27 times in the head with a .22-caliber pistol. Marti, the selfconfessed anti?Semite, fired the majority of the shots. Radin’s body was found 28 days later on June 10, 1983 by an apiarist looking for a remote storage location for his beehives. In the ensuing police investigation, both Rob – ert Evans (who denied he ever had a production deal with Radin) and Laney Jacobs (despite her conflicting accounts of her final meeting with the aspiring producer) were questioned, but not charged. China travels 2016.

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