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China tour packages on If we embrace the standard bracket order model, we will put on a full position on entry and take off all units on exit. The actual unit size (trade volume) with which to enter the market is of course a personal choice and very much dependent on the current level of competence as well as the amount of capital in the account. At this stage we need not bother with it, but the virtues of what is commonly referred to as compounding do deserve the utmost attention from anyone who is serious about his trading business. In Chapter 10 we will address this matter of unit sizing in detail. When it comes to spreads and commissions, in Forex there are two kinds of broker models to choose from: the first, generally referred to as the retail model, charges no commissions but adds to the spread; the other usually offers a lower spread but adds a commission on top. On the eur / usd, both models should work out more or less to the same cost of business per trade (round-turn) . The retail broker will probably offer a 1 pip spread during the active phases of the session; the commission broker may offer a 0. China tour packages 2016.

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