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China Map Tourist Attractions on Holmes who led them past security into the house on Wonderland Avenue. In an opening statement, the defendant’s counsel denied Holmes had willingly participated in the killings, but rather was forced at gunpoint to accompany the killers to Wonderland Avenue. The damning palm print found on the headboard could have been left any time since Holmes in his drug dealings was a frequent visitor to the residence. Susan Launius, the sole survivor of the mass murder, was unable to identify Holmes as one of the three shadowy Holmes 126 figures who had entered the bedroom and attacked her. The beating had cost Launius a finger, a large portion of her skull, as well as partial paralysis in her left leg. Looking directly at Holmes Launius testified that she could not remember ever having seen him before, not surprising since she had only arrived at the house on Wonderland a day before the incident in an ill-timed attempt at reconciliation with her estranged husband, Ron Launius. In effect, the defense argued, Holmes was the sixth victim and asked why the real perpetrators of the crime were not present in the courtroom adding, You will figure out from the evidence who they are. China Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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