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China discovery tours on The artist’s contribution to popular culture is incalculable. As a solo artist with second wife Yoko Ono he actively opposed the Vietnam War and became an outspoken, if eccentric, advocate for peace. Hand in hand with his widely documented commercial success, however, Lennon’s personal life was marked by profound human loss, mercurial behavior, periods of intense substance abuse, a search for spirituality and social commitment, and an attempt to redefine himself as a husband and father. At the time of his murder on December 8, 1980 by Mark David Chapman, a schizophrenic former fan, the 40-year-old rock star was triumphantly emerging from a nearly five-year period of self-imposed creative exile. Lennon’s death extinguished the promise of new music yet to come including, perhaps, the long cherished hope of Beatles fans for a reunion of rock’s greatest band. More tragically, it left a devoted wife without a husband and two children without a father. John Winston (later Ono) Lennon was born at Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in Liverpool, England during an air raid alert on October 9, 1940. China discovery tours 2016.

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