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Chin State Travel on KRISTIN KUCSMA, PH.D. SETON HALL UNIVERSITY Bastiat, Frédéric (1801–50) ARGUABLY HISTORY’S MOST persuasive and influential popularizer of free-market economics, Bastiat explains, with clarity and humor, the LAISSEZ-FAIRE lessons of economists such as Adam SMITH and Jean-Baptiste Say. For example, in his Candlemakers’ Petition, Bastiat proposes that government end unfair competition by blotting out the sun. The point is to ridicule protectionists who seek to stop the flood of cheap foreign products. Replacing the sun’s competition with man-made illumination indeed increases the demand for candles, but consumers lose far more than producers gain. In his other writings, Bastiat spreads his ridicule widely. Chin State Travel 2016.

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