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Cheapest way to travel on The outraged father also spoke of taking revenge on the actor whose homosexual activities had prostituted his son since the age of 13 and threatened to do so to other area youths. Father, son, and uncle paid Boribio $2,000 to take Rose to an isolated location and murder him. On May 4, Rose was driving his adopted son Juan to Santiago when three men by the side of the road forced the car to stop. The men got in, leaving Juan by the side of the road, and drove to a secluded farm house where they held the actor for eight hours prior to torturing and bludgeoning him to death with a club. They split the man’s money, placed the body in the car, and flipped it into a ditch. In, what apparently is not unusual in the annals of Dominican Republic jurisprudence, all four men were held for a year without trial. Juan Vaz quez, the adopted son, was released on bail and claiming police coercion retracted much of his original statement. Cheapest way to travel 2016.

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