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Cheapest places to travel to on Hambleton and the actor met in a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley and after briefly discussing the movie treatment, Blake turned to the real topic of conversation. He wanted Bonny Lee Bakley snuffed. The woman was evil and he refused to let his child grow up around her or her trailer-trash family. According to Hambleton, he met with Blake three times in the desert town of Pearblossom and once in another location to discuss the details of the murder. In true Hollywood fashion, Blake offered several dramatic scenarios for the hit including a murder set against the majestic backdrop of the Grand Canyon. In one, Blake suggested he and Bakley camp on a lonely road and Hambleton drive-by on a motorcycle and shoot her. When the stuntman pointed out the potential drawback of Blake being present at every hit, the actor assured him that he was more than capable of playing convincing grief scenes. Cheapest places to travel to 2016.

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