Cheapest places to travel in 2015

Cheapest places to travel in 2015 on [German, time giver Zeitgeist n. the spirit of the times (German, time spirit). The term was used by German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) to refer to a type of supraindividual mind at work in the world and manifest in the cultural worldview that pervades the ideas, attitudes, and feelings of a particular society in a specific historical period. Zener cards a standardized set of stimulus materials, similar to a deck of playing cards, designed for use in experiments on extrasensory perception and other parapsycho-logical phenomena. The set consists of 25 cards, each of which bears one of five printed symbols (star, wavy lines, cross, circle, or square). In a typical test of telepathy, the cards are shuffled and a designated sender turns the cards over one at a time to inspect the symbol, while a receiver attempts to guess the symbol by reading the thoughts of the sender. Also called Rhine cards, [named in honor of Karl E. Cheapest places to travel in 2015 2016.

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