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Cheap vacation destinations 2015 on Bornais wrote, (she) Cannot fill out job application, (her) closets and drawers (are in) total disarray, and complained that she spoke little English, and was unable to read street signs or music. The laundry list of complaints closed with the cryptic entry, Don’t let others destroy me! Attorneys for Carmen, a hairstylist in Boca Raton, mounted a battered spouse defense arguing Bornais was such a controlling tyrant that he forced his wife to give him all her money while physically punishing her for offences as minor as bringing him the wrong brand of beer. Insanely jealous by Carmen’s account, the bandleader barred her from taking English lessons because he feared she might meet Latin men. Often, she claimed, Bornais dragged her by the hair, slapped her, and afterwards begged her not to leave him. The prosecution countered this image of the battered spouse justifiably driven to protect herself from an abusive husband, by casting Carmen as a weeping-but-wily woman attempting to manipulate events to stay out of prison. On February 13, 2002, a jury rejected Carmen’s battered spouse claim and found her guilty of second-degree murder. After hearing the verdict, she fell to her knees and prayed. Cheap vacation destinations 2015 2016.

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