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Cheap travel deals on Although its features were quite modest, this buildup definitely gained attraction when the bar on the right showed a false breakout on the bull side prior to closing bearishly on the pattern line (3) . This set up an acceptable short in the potential pull of the 20-level below. Whether to shoot for the magnet itself, about 1 2 pip out, or to 403 Understanding Price Action be satisfied with 8 or 1 0 pip profit is a personal call, but the activity on the way to target can have a say in this decision. For example, when the post-breakout action failed to break back the broken pattern line and then was broken on the bear side in turn (nice six-bar break below 4), this made the 20-level a very likely level to be targeted. Furthermore, if in position from below bar 3, a bear could now trail his stop above the new squeeze, risking only a few pip in a worst-case scenario. Bears in position from below bar 4 would probably do well to cash in on the round number also. It is not hard to grasp the staleness of the environment here. Cheap travel deals 2016.

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