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Cheap tickets to usa on As Novarro’s popularity increased at Metro, the studio’s publicity department began a press blitz aimed at deflecting rumors that their rising star preferred the sexual company of men. Photos of Novarro engaged in the manly activities of tennis, jogging, and rowing were salted in fan magazines and his name was romantically linked with numerous actresses including Elsie Janis, Edith Allen, Greta Garbo, and Barbara La Marr. Not surprisingly, one of Novarro’s longest-lasting homosexual relationships was with his publicist, Herbert Howe, who in the early to late 1920s helped guide the star’s career by touting the studio myth of Novarro as the Latin Lover in articles appearing in the fan magazines. In 1925, Novarro starred in his greatest screen role as Judah Ben-Hur in the epic Ben-Hur. Taken away from director Rex Ingram and given to Fred Niblo by MGM brass, Ben-Hur was a huge success with the physically slight Novarro garnering rave reviews as manly, handsome, (and) heroic. Along with John Gilbert, an alcoholic whose career ended with the advent of talking pictures, Novarro was MGM’s top male star earning a reported $5,000 a week. The studio’s lack of focus in managing the career of one its biggest assets, however, severely hampered and ultimately destroyed Novarro as a top box office draw. Cheap tickets to usa 2016.

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