Charterhouse Street & East Poultry Lane

Catering primarily to the workers of Smithfield meat market, the Fox and Anchor, 115 Charterhouse Street, does a hearty “Full English” breakfast fried bread, sausages, egg, beans and black pudding from 7am. Wash it down with a Wadsworth ale or a stout. The Cock Tavern, set in the basement depths of the market, offers a similar line in fry-ups and beer from 6am, making it popular with all-night clubbers as well as night workers.
Contact DDS Advisory 11 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6AW (UK) We carried on with more of the same, day after day, month after month, which made us strong. We were not body-beautiful posers as you find on the beach, nor were we sleek in a gym-toned, diet-driven way in quest of the perfect shape. We just became tough and resilient: we were strong and we had stamina and we could work hard all day in the hot sun, then stay up most of the night and then recover quickly to do the same again, and again and again. It became clear at a very early stage – about day two on the Valvata for me – that the days of swanning around in a smart gold-braided uniform were going to be well into the future. Until we became confirmed copers, until we slogged through our studies, until we learned all the nuances of life at sea, we were labour fodder of the lowest order.

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