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Bibliography Origen ca. 185253. At Caesarea, Origen taught philosophy in its moral sense Greg. Thaum., Discorso a Origene, ed. H. Crouzel: SC 148 1969. In Origen we find two levels of teaching cf. Rom 14:2; 1 Cor 3:2 and two categories, the simple and the perfect Com. Jo. 13,33.37; In Lev. hom. 1,4 SC 286, 80; In Num. hom. 27,1,2 SC 461, 272, with the lower level literal exegesis for the simple, and the higher level spiritual or typological exegesis for the perfect In Lev. hom. 1,1.4 SC 286, 66-70. 78-84. Charlotte Map Tourist Attractions The Bible is comparable to light and solid food In Num. hom. 27,1 SC 461, 270; In Jos. hom. 9,9 SC 71, 264; In Hes. hom. 7,10 352,272; In Ez. hom. 7,10 SC 71, 264; M. Simonetti, Origene catecheta: S. Felici ed., Valori attuali, 93-95; Id., Origene: J. Gevaert ed., 474-475. A differentiated teaching also existed among the gnostics. In homilies to the people of Caesarea, Origen considered himself a presbyter homilist: presbyter nominor et verbum Dei videor praedicare In Jesu Nave, hom. 7,6 SC 71, 212. He had a podium set up from which he spoke to the faithful, the perfect and the simple, the baptized and catechumens In Lev. hom. 6,2 71, 262-266; In Ez. hom. 6,5 SC 352, 224-226; In Lc. hom. 8,2 SC 87, 164-166.

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