Chad Country

Chad Country on Wildeve was trained as a civil engineer and has worked in an office in Budmouth, the neighboring fashionable seaside resort, just as Eustacia lived there as a child. Wildeve has failed as an engineer and has come to Egdon from away to take over the local tavern, the Quiet Woman Inn. Diggory Venn is the son of a dairy farmer nearby, but he has taken up the wandering trade of reddleman. He is someone who goes from sheep farm to sheep farm over a wide area selling reddIe for dipping sheep. He is only a periodic and temporary resident in Egdon, as he travels from place to place in his gypsy cart mobile home. Clym Yeobright has been weIl educated and has worked as a diamond merchant in Paris. His experience detaches him permanently from his beloved natal heath, however hard he tries to return to it and immerse himself in the local trade of furze-cutting. Chad Country 2016.

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