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Central park map on A full chapter is devoted to a description of Eustacia’s character. She is presented as a narcissistic, melancholic Queen ofNight (93), the raw material of a divinity (93). Her high gods were William the Conqueror, Straf~ ford, and Napoleon Bonaparte, as they had appeared in the Lady’s History used at the establishment in which she was educated (97). Eustacia wants only to exercise power over men by way of her beauty. She is incapable, as she knows weIl enough, of loving anyone for long. For her, as for Hardy’s characters generally, possession rapidly destroys love, but she differs from most of them in knowing this beforehand: To be loved to madness-such was her great desire (96). She knows, however, that any love she l1light win would sink simultaneously with the sand in the glass . Central park map 2016.

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