CELLANUS of Perrona

Abbot of Perrona Scottorum Picardy. A native of Ireland, he entered the monastery of Perrona, where the incorrupt body of St. Fursey was kept Bede, HE III, 19. We have some of his verses and a letter to Aldhelm of Malmesbury, later bishop of Sherborne, expressing homesickness for his native land PL 89, 99. CPL 1127; PLS IV, 2191; Kenney 306 i; BCLL 643-644; W. Levison, Zu den Versen des Abtes Cellanus von Pronne: ZCP 20 1933-6 382-90 repr. in Aus rheinischer und fr¤nkischer Fr¼hzeit, D¼sseldorf 1948, 551-556; Coccia, La cultura 318-320; Patrologia IV, 453-454.

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CELLANUS of Perrona_45.jpgDuring our spell on the South African coast, I spent two days working on a stage with John in Durban Harbour while we anchored awaiting port clearance. We were barefoot and only dressed in shorts, balancing against the gentle roll of the ship, slapping on fresh paint, the sun beating on our backs, small groups of hammerhead sharks circling 20 feet below us in the dark green sea. Barry adjusted the ropes on deck and watched over us, lowering bottles of water and the occasional can of beer to keep us going. I painted and reflected on life, planned and looked ahead at what the world held for me, and cooked gently in the sun. All the bad things in my world disappeared.

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