CELLANUS of Perrona

Abbot of Perrona Scottorum Picardy. A native of Ireland, he entered the monastery of Perrona, where the incorrupt body of St. Fursey was kept Bede, HE III, 19. We have some of his verses and a letter to Aldhelm of Malmesbury, later bishop of Sherborne, expressing homesickness for his native land PL 89, 99. CPL 1127; PLS IV, 2191; Kenney 306 i; BCLL 643-644; W. Levison, Zu den Versen des Abtes Cellanus von Pronne: ZCP 20 1933-6 382-90 repr. in Aus rheinischer und fränkischer Frühzeit, Düsseldorf 1948, 551-556; Coccia, La cultura 318-320; Patrologia IV, 453-454.

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