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Cayman Islands Country on Eustacia’s father was a bandmaster from Corfu. She is definitely from away. Mrs. Yeobright is a curate’s daughter from outside the local community who has married a now deceased local farmer. Nevertheless, she has a standing which can only be expressed by the word gente el, and had once dreamt of doing better things (59-60). She too is from away. Her detachment, as weIl as her gentility, has rubbed off on the orphan niece she has brought up, Thomasin. Cayman Islands Country 2016.

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They paid up to shut me up. The cargo pattern on the Poyang was to load up in the big Far East ports of Singapore, Manila, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong, and then steam south and tramp round the islands for several weeks. The Far East end was hectic, the islands were sleepy. The ports we called into were mostly in the western Pacific, a lot of them in Papua New Guinea and the off-lying islands. On mainland Papua New Guinea, we always called at the bigger ports of Port Moresby and Lae.

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