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Thirty years ago, if you had said that there would be a group of women holding ministerial posts in this decade, your prediction might have been met with a wry smile and a condescending pat on the shoulder. If you then added that an

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The art of picking up, or rimorchiare (literally, “to tow,” as in a car), an out-of-towner is as carefully studied as the deliberate strokes of Giotto’s brush. The infamous stories about sweet-talking Romans on the Spanish Steps waiting for an innocent Northern European or

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CLEAN HANDS AND SILVIO BERLUSCONI The 1980s in Italy will forever be remembered for the excesses and underhanded dealings of the Socialist government, thanks to the immense backlash against bribery in the 1990s. This scandal, dubbed Tangentopoli (Bribesville), was nothing particularly new to Italian

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THE YEARS OF LEAD Much like in the United States, the late 1960s in Italy were years of near-revolution. Unrest at factories grew, accompanied by a rise in anarchists and leftist groups, the most famous of which became Lotta Continua (Enduring Struggle). The “hot

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RECONSTRUCTION After the war, Italy created a constitution describing itself as a republic “founded on labor,” opposed to military action as a way to resolve international conflicts, and free of the Savoy kings who had backed the man who dragged the country into war