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Irish churches. The ancient Irish churches were made of wood and therefore have not survived: the description given by Cogitosus of the Church of Kildare 7th c. is the best source of information about them PL 72, 788D-789. The Church of Kildare, in wood,

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BONIFACIUS, primicerius notariorum. Pope John I in 525 turned to Bonifacius, primicerius notariorum, and to Bonus secundicerius to fix the date of Easter 526. They consulted the Scythian monk Dionysius, who in a letter recommended adoption of the Alexandrian cycle of 19 years, fixing

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BONIFACE I, pope 418–422. At the death of Pope Zosimus 417-418, part of the Roman clergy elected as his successor the archdeacon Eulalius, backed by the court of Ravenna and the powerful prefect Symmachus. The next day 28 December 418 the majority of the

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A more complex ritual developed in the postpatristic era. 2. Things. The oldest significant references are to objects connected with the Eucharist, the agape and Christian initiation. Gifts of oil, cheese, olives, fruit and flowers offered to the bishop were blessed, as were the