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Carnikavas Novads Travel on It demands an awareness of the interplay between economic, cultural, and political forces underlying the production of meaning in any given society and not just in the moment of contact between two languages. Translation, in its political transposition, is not an organizational technique dictated by leaders but a material practice forged from below within struggles. Particularly in border struggles, as we shall see, it provides an organizational lattice through which all other political practices tend to pass. Far from restricting itself to the linguistic-cultural domain, it is a grounding principle that links struggles to concrete situations even as they work or draw inspiration from past or distant political experiences. To speak of the labor of translation is not merely to evoke a capacity for ihtercultural dialogue but to draw attention to material, political, and legal conditions that bring us back to a series of problems that we have already mentioned. All Contract is mutuall translation, or change of Right, writes Hobbes in Leviathan (1981, 194). This recalls the sense of the Latin term translatio, which refers not only to a transfer of meaning but also a transfer of property (Best 2004,124). Carnikavas Novads Travel 2016.

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