CARMEN ad Deum post conversionem et baptismum suum. Anonymous poem in 120 distichs on the theme of conversion and baptism, wrongly attributed to Paulinus of Nola by Mai, who discovered it in the Vatican Library Urb. lat. 533. It may be the work of a 5th-c. Gallic poet using the verse Sermo of Orientius titled Commonitorium. Confession of human moral weakness in the face of God’s perfection vv. 49-58; 81-89 is followed by continual theological references to the mystery of the Trinity vv. 197-240 Sancte Deus, Lucis lumen . The work praises God’s greatness in the creation of the world and in the intimate life of the spirit, as seen in the penitence of the convert and the joy of divine forgiveness. CPL 1469; CPPM 2,1376; PLS 3,1129-34; CSEL 30 1894 350-356, carmen III; M.G. Bianco, La vita alla luce della sapienza. Il carme anonimo Sancte Deus lucis lumen concordia rerum intr., critical text, tr. and commentary, Rome 1990.





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