Caribbean, the Map

Caribbean, the Map on Most preferably, the pullback shows up as an orderly, angular retracement that travels almost reluctantly towards the 25ema. Not only was the near vertical correction 1 1 – 1 2 way too aggressive in appearance, it had broken free from an inverse head-andshoulders reversal pattern (below the horizontal line) . These conditions clearly failed to comply with a conservative bet on the turn. Hence the skip below bar 1 3 . 225 Understanding Price Aaion Figure 8.7 Session overview: Halfway the UK morning, bulls had broken away from a box progression ( 1 ) but had suffered a hard time capitalizing on the event. Demoralization kicked in when their pattern line was broken below bar 5, which allowed the bears a smooth ride to the 50-level magnet. Caribbean, the Map 2016.

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