Native of Cappadocia, educated in Syria, with his brothers Cosmas and Gabriel he went to Palestine in ca. 428 to make up the first group of disciples who created the laura of St. Euthymius. After having been its bursar, he and Gabriel were ordained priests of the Anastasis at Jerusalem, ca. 456; in 466 he replaced Cosmas, now metropolitan of Scythopolis, as Staurophylax keeper of the relics of the Holy Cross. For these details see Cyril of Scythopolis’s Life of Euthymius, Schwartz’s index, p. 280. A homily by Chrysippus on the Virgin has been much studied CPG 6705, ed. M. Jugie, PO 19, 336-343; cf. R. Caro, La homiltica mariana griega: Marian Library Studies 3, Dayton 1971, 211-226; three more homilies survive, on St. John the Baptist, St. Michael and St. Theodore CPG 6706- 6708, which show him to be a follower of Hesychius. His Christology is Chalcedonian, but not very firmly see L. Perrone, La Chiesa di Palestina e le controversie cristologiche, Brescia 1980, 227-228. A. Olivar, La predicaci³n cristiana antigua, Barcelona 1991, 168- 169; Patrologia V, 259-260; Marienlexikon 2,59; Testi mariani del primo millennio, ed. G. Gharib, I, Rome 1988, 602-609.

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