Cape Verde Country

Cape Verde Country on Then they could admit to themselves that they have long, unconsciously, loved their lover. They must know and yet not know that they are in love, a neat trick if you can do it. Grace Crawley is a splendid example of this contradiction. Once more, the narrative voice has to speak for her, from a certain distance outside her own consciousness, in order to be able to say for her what she was incapable of saying for herself: And as her acquaintance with Major Grantly had begun and had grown, and as she had learned to feel unconsciously that his company was pleasanter to her than that of any other pers on she knew, she had still told herself that anything like love must be out of the question. But then words had been spoken, and there had been glances in his eye, and a tone in his voice, and a touch upon his fingers, of which she could not altogether refuse to accept the meaning … Cape Verde Country 2016.

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