Cape Town

SPECTATOR SPORTS: Horse racing in Johannesburg at Turf-fontein and Newmarket; in Durban at Greyville and Clairwood and in Cape Town at Kenilworth. At Greyville on the first Saturday each July they run the “Durban July,” one of the richest races held anywhere. You’ll find cricket played all over the country in summer. Rugby is the national game and is played in their winter. Unlike American rugby, no guards or pads are used. The South Africans are world champions at the game. Soccer is popular and you’ll find weekend matches in every city. Baseball is becoming popular with weekend games in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

SPORTS: Swimming is magnificent all along the Union coast. There are dozens of golf courses in the Cape Province. There are tennis courts and many tennis clubs.

In and around Johannesburg there are about 18 golf clubs and two municipal courses, innumerable swimming pools and tennis. There is excellent black bass and trout fishing.

Tunny fishing near Cape Town is popular. You may angle for sole, silver fish, geelbek (Cape salmon), mullet, mackerel and many other varieties. For superb deep-sea fishing there is Hermanus, False

Bay, Saldhana Bay. You fish for carp and bass on the Cape Flats lake= There are wonderful trout, bass and perch to be found in the lakes and streams in the Western Cape Province, which is within daily range of Cape Town. Licenses are required for fresh-water fishing.

There are occasions when you can ski during the winter months about 80 miles from Cape Town. Information on mountain climbing is available at the Mountain Club of South Africa, Yorkshire House, 38 Strand Street, Cape Town.

THEATERS: Visiting companies appear in the season (middle of May through September). In Capetown there are several repertory groups which give performances at the Labia, the Little Theater, and the Hofmeyr. Johannesburg theaters include the Reps, Windmill, Brooke and Library.


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