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Cantemir Travel on The question whether Hera’s connexion with fecundity is limited to that of women, or extends to the propagation of all life including that of plants, brings us to the third explanation of her nature, which sees her as originally a manifestation of the Earth-mother whom we were brought to consider in speaking of Zeus. The idea that Hera was originally an earth-goddess was put forward nearly a century ago by 1 Paus. viii, 22, 2. The unconvincing aetiological myth related by Pausanias explains the last epithet (Xypa) as = deserted, and refers it to a quarrel with Zeus after their marriage, which caused Hera to return to Stymphalos. The meaning is a possible though rare one. Rose’s explanation of the threefold character repeats Farnell, whose view of Hera is very similar (Cults, i, 191). 1 Rose, Hbk. Cantemir Travel 2016.

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