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Canada Subway Map on In March 2004, a woman in Armento’s Yonkers neighborhood filed an order of protection against him after he fired a gun at her passing van and sicced his pit bull on her fiance. Brancato and Armento were drug buddies, but there was another attraction for the now struggling actor Armento’s beautiful, but anti-drug daughter, Stefanie. Brancato met Stefanie Armento in 2003 at a gym in Yonkers where she worked. The pair began a tempestuous 11/2 year relationship punctuated by frequent breakups instigated by his escalating drug use. Stefanie Armento tried often to break with the drug addicted actor, but her father always interceded on his friend’s behalf. By 2005, Brancato’s drug use started showing up on police radar. In March 2005, he was arrested in Hermosa Beach, California after officers noticed he was hanging around a suspected drug dealer outside a bar. Canada Subway Map 2016.

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