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Unfortunately we have only a brief fragment, contained on a single sheet of illustrated papyrus P. Berol. 13296, of the original Greek of the Barbarus Scaligeri; nonetheless, based on the text and the illustrations present in both papyri, a surprising similarity between the two works has been noted. Canada Subway Map The depictions of saints and of the walls of Constantinople in the Greek fragment of the Barbarus are similar to the descriptions of the months; of the places and figures of the OT; of emperors, kings and patriarchs; and of John the Baptist and Christ in the Golenischev papyrus. Also, the exemplum of the Barbarus was about sixty pages in length, like the text of the Golenischev papyrus. On the basis of this affinity, it can be hypothesized that the direct source of the Chronographus anonymous was a lost Alexandrian chronicle, to which the original text of the Barbarus also referred.

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