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Canada Metro Map on A. gangster Mickey Cohen. Arriving back in Hollywood after their six-week stay in Acapulco, Turner took the dangerous step of informing Stompanato that he would not be attending the Academy Awards with her. Nominated for Best Actress for Peyton Place, Turner instead chose to take her daughter and mother in a move carefully calculated to present her to the world as a committed family woman. According to Turner, Johnny Stompanato was awaiting her when she returned with Cheryl to the star’s rented two-story Colonial-style home at 730 North Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills after the ceremony on Good Friday, April 4, 1958. While accounts vary widely as to the exact chronology of events that occurred inside the house on North Bedford Drive, the scene was set for a deadly confrontation. Turner, evidently learning earlier in the evening that her abusive lover was not 43, but in reality 10 years younger, was panic-stricken. Canada Metro Map 2016.

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