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Calarasi Travel on Aside from its geographical, political, and juridical dimensions, the concept of the border has an important symbolic dimension, which has come to the fore today with the multiplication of the tensions that invest the classically modern configuration of the border as a separating line between sovereign state territories (Celia 2006; Zanini 1997)- Both sociology, beginning with the work of Georg Simmel (2009), and anthropology, beginning with an important essay, by Fredrik Barth (1979), have made fundamental contributions toward understanding this symbolic dimension of the border, including its role in distinguishing social forms and organizing cultural difference. In the following chapters, particularly when we discuss internal borders, we keep these notions of social and cultural borders in play. At the same time, we explore the complex modes of articulation (and also the tensions and the gaps) between different dimensions of the border. In doing this, we use with a certain degree of freedom the words border and boundary as interchangeable, while we make a clear-cut distinction between border and frontier. The geometrical abstraction of exclusive territoriality and linear borders, while it has exerted an extremely important influence on the way in which politics has been conceived and executed in the modern era, was only ever a convention (Cuttitta 2006, 2007; Galli 2010, 36-53). It would certainly be. worthwhile to reconstruct the complex and nonlinear processes that led in Europe to the decline of the medieval marches and the rise of modern borders between states (Febvre 1962). Calarasi Travel 2016.

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