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Cairo Subway Map on Time earned for good behavior and participation in educational classes had reduced his 10 year sentence to slightly less than 5 years of actual incarceration. Under the terms of his release, Christian remained under 3 years supervised parole in the Los Angeles County area and was forbidden to drink alcohol. Brando immediately had his parole transferred to New Hampshire reporting monthly to an officer in Brentwood while residing in Derry. He took classes at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Nashua. Christian transferred out of the area on January 24, 1997 relocating to the small town of Kalama, Washington about 35 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon. The residents liked and respected the quiet welder and carefully guarded his identity against rubberneckers and reporters. In turn, Brando often told friends that it was one of the few places on earth he felt accepted and at peace. Cairo Subway Map 2016.

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