Councils of. Fulgentius Ferrandus’s canonical collection CCL 149, 284-311 refers to various councils celebrated in Byzacena in the 5th and 6th c. but never specifies their dates. Only the acts of the Council of Thela or Thelepte, celebrated in February 418, survive. CCL 149, 54-65; Palazzini 1, 182-183.

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BYZACENA_6.jpgJimmy loved it, singing and swinging and acting the fool. I tried to look as if I was enjoying my turn, but everyone knew I hated the travel, which made great sport for those on the deck in making sure my hauling up was done with particular gusto to enhance the swing. I clung on with a sickly expression and willed myself not to faint and plummet to the steel deck. But when I was up at the top and safely tethered to the mast, above any noise from the tiny figures on the deck, clear of all the dirt and argument and strain of closed humanity, all my fears fled and I would sit and gently swing in harmony with the motion, painting my section. I felt as if I was high up with the gods; the ship below a painted splash upon a painted ocean.

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