Burundi Country

Burundi Country on My account will be thematic rather th an stressing, as l have done already earlier in this chapter, the system of substitutive tropes that makes heath, heath folk, and the protagonists one single textual weave of solar interchanges that take place under the sun. The reader should keep in mind, however, that Hardy, in his presentation of the Egdon community, is quite unique among British novelists in seeing his fictional communities as rooted in their environments. The Egdon community is of the heath heathy. It is therefore open to description by way of an anthropomorphic system of tropological exchanges that define the heath in terms of people (it seemed to awake and listen) and the people in terms of the heath. Eustacia sinks down on Rainbarrow as if she were drawn into the Barrow by a hand from beneath. Clym is a product of the heath. None of my other examples in this book have any such idea of community, nor do Jane Austen or George Eliot, for example, among novelists l do not include. Burundi Country 2016.

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