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Bursa Travel on FISA, however, is apparently a rubber stamp. It evidently has yet to see such a request that it does not like. Such a secret court, moreover, is not appropriate in a democracyP l say apparently and evidently because FISA is secret and classified. Only hints and leaks have made it into public space. July 2013 news reports in The Guardian assert that the NSA’s Prism program, in warrantless spying, monitors directly, for example, with the connivance of Microsoft, Skype video conversations, and information stored in Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud. Microsoft now owns Skype. Postmodern Communities in Pym’hon and Cervantes 279 To read a story, or to open an email or website or recorded telephone caH, is to raise a ghost, and to revivify, re-spiritualize, calI back as revenants, aH the imaginary characters within that story, or aIl the real people in those Internet records, even the ones that are, like Carl Barrington, within the fiction of the story imaginary, phantasrnatic, ghostly. Bursa Travel 2016.

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