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Bulgan Travel on By the same token, the challenges that trade unions face in many parts of the world when confronted with migration and outsourcing on one hand and new forms of work and precarity on the other hand are an effective illustration of a different set of problems posed by the increasing heterogeneity of labor. Negotiating these problems does not mean abandoning Marx and Engel’s call for the world’s workers to unite, but it presents us with one of the most important and challenging tasks of political organization in the present. One revealing symptom of this predicament is the expansion of debates and the testing of the .relevance of the concept of class. Notwithstanding the continued proliferation of positions that deny that social class is a useful analytical and descriptive tool, this concept clearly has always attracted multiple definitions. What is peculiar about the current moment in these debates is that these different definitions have expanded and drifted apart from each other almost to the point where the concept of class itself seems unable to contain them. As Fredric Jameson comments, social class is at one and the same time a sociological idea, a political concept, a historical conjunction, an activist slogan, yet a definition in terms of any one of these perspectives alone is bound to be unsatisfactory (Jameson 2011,7). Bulgan Travel 2016.

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