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Budget travel to hawaii on A very high-paced stock is scored high, but a trader must wait for the volatility to end, or the risk is just as high as the low-volume stock. With overly volatile stocks, I will generally look for the action to settle down and play any pullbacks if they occur. From all this, I give the stock a score from 10 to 10. 156 Trading on Momentum PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Do not concentrate on any one part of this five-part equation alone. For example, a great story, a huge short-term earnings potential, a huge gap up on good volume, and an end up near the high of the day yesterday sound great. But if the sector strength, historical market strength, market strength, and daytraders strength are all weak, you may not get the follow- through you expected. You must look at all five indicators. Budget travel to hawaii 2016.

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