Budget For Your Travel Destination

What can you afford? How much will the total cost of the trip be? Some places may be expensive to get to because they are remote, but relatively cheap once you are there due to the local economy. Research the price of airfare, lodging, transportation, activities and food before deciding on a travel destination.

Look at the total cost of the trip rather than just the cheap airfare you can get or the cheap hotel accommodation once you get there. Don’t forget to factor in travel insurance, and food costs.

Sometimes going on a cheap package holiday can be a good way to save money and see lots of sights. I once took a coach trip tour of Europe, mostly central Europe, just after the Iron Curtain came down. It was interesting to see places that were just starting to modernize after having been under Communist rule for so long with no investment in infrastructure. This also meant that my money went further there. And as the travel was all by coach (apart from getting to the starting place) that meant it was an inexpensive trip.

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You might also be able to get a cheaper flight, if you are willing to be flexible with the time of day or day of the week you fly out. Flights early in the morning can be cheaper, if you are willing to get up early enough. Or choose a different day to travel. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days, so maybe choose a flight for a Wednesday when it will be cheaper. There are plenty of price comparison websites as well, so take advantage of those and compare prices at different times of the day and different days to find the best bargains. bloging flights in advance can also get you cheaper seats, especially if you are doing it at least 4 months in advance. Although you can sometimes get bargains if you leave it to the last minute and blog a day or two before flying, but if you want to plan in advance then blog well in advance as well, especially if you have accommodation bloged already you do not want to leave flights to the last minute and then find that nothing is available.

You can also try to fake your location. Prices change depending on the country of origin, and you can drastically reduce the price of your ticket by “faking” your current location. The point is to make it look like you are actually in the country you hope to go to when buying your ticket. You can either buy your ticket in the foreign currency, or mask your IP address (with the use of a VPN virtual private network), and/or using the airline’s regional website (by using .ca/Canada, .fr/France, .za/South Africa, etc., instead of the .com website).

Also be sure to not visit lots of sites with cookies in your browser. To get around this, use a different browser for each site you visit, or use private browsing mode (available in browsers like Firefox and Chrome) and visit each site in a different private browsing window, to start each site in a new session. That way, no website will know what other websites you are visiting.

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