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Brunei Darussalam Map on psychologist: the first comparative psychologist in the United States to focus on the scientific investigation of sexual behavior; particularly studied neural and hormonal influences and discovered evidence for the importance of subcortical brain regions. Strong, Edward Kellogg, Jr. (1884-1963) U.S. psychologist: a founder of applied psychology especially in the areas of personnel selection and occupational analysis and best known as a co-creator of the Strong Interest Inventory, a widely used assessment of an individual’s suitability for different types of work. Stumpf, Carl (1848-1936) German experimental psychologist: best known for investigating the psychological factors involved in acoustic perception; his institute produced many famous psychologists, including Koffka, Kohler, Lewin, and Wertheimer; his pioneering research on emotions pxoposed a cognitively based theory in which judgments are crucial. Sullivan, Harry Stack (1892-1949) U. Brunei Darussalam Map 2016.

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