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Brazil Country on He is writing a novel, and everybody knows what novels are. Literature is already for Conrad something problematic in itself. It was also increasingly problematic for Conrad’s modernist contemporaries, whether in France with Mallarm, Valry, and Proust, or in the German-speaking part of Europe, with Mann, Kafka, or Musil, or in England and Ireland, with Joyce, Woolf, and Conrad’s friend and collaborator, Ford Madox Ford. MATERIAl VISION IN NOSTROMO: AS CONRAD DOES IT Conrad had long discussions with Ford about literary technique. Together they developed a self-conscious the017 of literary impressionism. TI1is 150 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo was somewhat analogous to impressionism in painting and was to sorne degree modeled on Steven Crane’s narrative technique in The Red Badge of Courage. As Eloise Knapp Hay has shown in an authoritative essay, Conrad’s relation to impressionism was complex. Brazil Country 2016.

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