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Braila Travel on It is difficult to be certain how far this comes from his Orphic source, but probably the fact of choice was there, since the Orphic writers seem to have laid stress on personal responsibility, as in the doctrine that our impurity is inherited yet we ourselves can purge it. Then after drinking of Lethe, the soul is reborn in a mortal body, either human or animal. For the ordinary mortal it seems to have been necessary to complete the circle ten times before salvation could be hoped for. He who chose a righteous, which we may feel justified in calling an Orphic, life three times in succession probably had a special dispensation whereby he could make his escape without further trial. Plato mentions this in an Orphic setting in the Phaedrus, and although he arouses suspicion by conferring the dispensation on philosophers, it is mentioned also by Pindar and was therefore probably a feature of their common Orphic source. Besides these two classes there is a third, that of the sinners who are considered by the infernal judges to be incurable. These are consigned eternally to Tartarus to serve as a warning to others. Braila Travel 2016.

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