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Bougouriba Travel on Rick Ferguson said nothing. Where have you been the last few days? Nowhere special. Can you be more specific? Not really. Why did you sneak out of the house in the middle of the night? I never snuck out of the house. Your house was being watched. You were seen entering it on the night of 9 December. You were not seen leaving. Bougouriba Travel 2016.

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I sat up and watched, wondering where I was being taken and by who. The Land Rover stopped near the ship, and I was helped out of the vehicle by two Gilbert Islanders who seemed to fulfil the role of policemen and port officials: and human refuse collectors, demonstrably. I managed the remaining journey unaided. The sea passages fell into three distinct areas: the Pacific days, the Far East days and the inner seas of the Indonesian archipelago. In our Pacific days, we hardly saw a ship, and the days drifted slowly as we sailed in a world of our own, far removed from other people.

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