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Boston Map on According to Robert Blake’s account of the events of May 4, 2001, the 67-year-old actor and his wife Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, decided to go out to dinner and discuss their marriage with an eye towards doing whatever was best for their child, Rosie. Blake felt their relationship was improving and planned to allow the woman to move into the main house with him. Bakley, fearing someone was stalking her, insisted her husband carry one of his pistols to protect her. Blake made reservations at Vitello’s Italian Restaurant on 4349 Tujunga Avenue in Studio City, an eatery five minutes from his home. The actor, it was later re vealed, had frequented Vitello’s at least two or three times a week for the last twenty years without making a reservation. Instead of using the establishment’s valet parking service (his usual routine), Blake parked his 1991 black Dodge Stealth on Woodbridge, a side street 11/2 blocks from the restaurant, beneath a burned-out street lamp next to a dumpster near a vacant house under construction. The couple walked the short distance to the restaurant arriving at around 8:30 P. Boston Map 2016.

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