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Borjomis Travel on If he be a mortal who has thus stood in the path of Diomedes spear, then, says the Greek with simple pride, unhappiness awaits his parents. If on the other hand he be one of the Immortals come down from Heaven, it would be foolish to fight with him. Nay, for not even the son of Dryas, mighty Lykurgos, long survived when he strove with the heavenly gods, he that erst chased through the goodly land of Nysa the nurses of frenzied Dionysos, so that all cast their sacred implements upon the ground under the lash of the ox-whip in the hands of murderous Lykurgos; and Dionysos was afraid and plunged beneath the wave of the sea, where Thetis received him cowering in her bosom, for mighty trembling seized him at the threats of this warrior. But thereafter the gods, the easy livers, were angry with Lykurgos, and the son of Kronos struck him blind; nor was he for long, since he was hated of all the immortal gods. The amount of Dionysiac lore in this passage suggests that the writer was thoroughly familiar with the cult and its aetiological stories. The nymphs, or goddesses-who acted as nurses to the infant Dionysos are familiar figures_o£Jt>oth. They seem to be mentioned in a mutilated fragment of Tyrtaios. Borjomis Travel 2016.

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