De. Authorship of the work on the value of chastity has provoked discussions summarized by B. Melin; G.F. Diercks has studied the manuscript tradition. It is today attributed to Novatian, who is to have written it while bishop. This encomium to chastity depends on the similar treatises of Tertullian and Cyprian. It presents the virtue of chastity as a difficult conquest, the prerogative of noble natures and the condition for attaining interior freedom. CPL 69; CPPM 3227; PL 4, 819-828; CSEL 3,3,13-25; CCL 4, 103- 127; J. Martin, Zu Novatians De bono pudicitiae: Wochensch. f. klass. Philol. 30 1919 239ff.; B. Melin, Studia in Corpus Cyprianeum, Uppsala 1946; Patrologia 1, 574-575; P. Mattei, Deux notes sur mariage divorce et virginit dans Novatien: RSLR 29 1993 357-365.



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