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Bolu Travel on Writing of the Hyperboreans in his fourth book, he says that the fullest account of them is given by the Delians. These told him that certain unspecified sacred objects wrapped in wheat-straw are taken by the Hyperboreans to the confines of their land and handed to their neighbours, who duly hand them on so that they pass from hand to hand and land to land until they reach Delos. Once long ago they sent two of their own maidens, Hyperoche and Laodike, all the way with the offerings, together with an escort of five men for their safety. But since these did not return they were indignant, and ever afterwards have employed the method described instead of sending envoys of their own. The maidens died and were buried in Delos, where Herodotus saw their tombs. Of the men, he simply says that they are now called Perpherees and highly honoured in Delos. In memory of the maidens, the girls and youths of Delos make offerings of their hair at the tomb. Bolu Travel 2016.

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