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Bolivar Travel on Yet the philosophical radical movement associated with Bentham also exerted significant influence on post-Smithian (Adam SMITH) economic theory. This movement attempted to develop principles, analogous to Isaac Newton’s in the natural sciences, on which moral and social science could be built. These scientific principles were intended also to serve as the basis for social reform. However, it was not Bentham’s technical economics but his utilitarianism mixed with hedonism that affected the future development of economics. Bentham was influenced by the 18th-century Scottish historian and philosopher David HUME, who taught that human behavior was ultimately the product of sensation rather than reason. Consequently, from this perspective, Bentham developed his social ethics with an association of pleasure with moral goodness and pain with evil. With the underlying doctrine that one’s objective should be to seek one’s own greatest happiness, Bentham argued that government policies ought to be designed toward promoting the greatest happiness for the greatest number of persons. Bolivar Travel 2016.

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