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In summary, we note that the limited evidence of the 2nd-3rd c. present catechesis, from the late 2nd c., as essential, even if it is not yet clearly distinguished as catechesis aimed specifically at catechumens. Boise City Map in USA 2017 The plan of the catechumenatediscipleship is clear: examination of candidates, apposite offices, exorcisms; but a certain autonomy of the individual churches led to a variety of rules, such as the rebaptism of heretics and apostates. The rigor of the catechumenatediscipleship did not prevent a vast apostasy during the persecution of Decius. IV. Later evolution and changes: a catechumenate discipleship of recovery: 4th-5th c. The new historical context and its impact on the catechumenate discipleship. 1. In general. With the Constantinian turn of the peace of the church 313, Christianity became first a sanctioned religion already from 311 with Galerius, then a privileged one with Constantine and, finally, the religion of the state with Theodosius I’s edict De fide catholica 380. In a Christianized empire, in which it was easy, even for children, to become registered catechumens and faithful, the catechumenatediscipleship spread, but as a catechumenal status that often lasted until shortly before death. Not infrequently the catechumen wanted the title of Christian but not to become one: there were many catechumens, few converts. The reasons: the alliance between state and church led a catechumen to be considered and called, for civil purposes, Christian only a baptized person was a faithful Aug., Serm. 47, 17; Ambr., In Ps. 118, 20, 48-49; Cyr. of Jer., Cat. 17, 35-36; the severity of the catechumenate discipleship inspired fear and put it in crisis: so, one desires not so much to become a Christian, as to pretend to be one Aug., De cat. Rud. V, 9; it is not enough to be conceived, one must be born to reach eternal life Aug., Quaest. ad Simplic. 1,2,2. On the other hand, preparation for baptism became less demanding, as can be seen from the reminder of the Council of Nicaea 325 that for the catechumen himself there is need of time and of a longer trial after baptism can. 2 and 14.

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