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Bjelovarsko Bilogorska Travel on His god was not an initial postulate, but the final step in a chain of reasoning. His theory of motion was worked out first, and according to that theory a self-mover was an impossibility. One or two points about it remain to be made clear, and although they may seem remote from what we are accustomcd to regard as theology, a knowledge of them is essential to an understanding of the peculiar nature of the Aristotelian deity. Everything depends on this, that for every act of motion there must be an external cause.2 We know that the physis of things consists of an innate tendency to, or capacity for, movement, change and development in a certain direction, and is therefore also referred to as dynamis. It may be called a power of response to the right stimulus, but is not the complete explanation of the change which takes place. An external cause is neccssary as well, without which the physis in things will remain dormant. Bjelovarsko Bilogorska Travel 2016.

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