Bishop Of Trier

AGRICIUS Bishop of Trier early 4th c., when the city was an imperial capital.

As perhaps the successor of St. Paternus, he would have been sent to Trier by Pope Sylvester.

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He took part in the Council of Arles 314 and signed the conciliar acts after the diocesan bishop who presided at the council, a sign of the importance of his episcopal see.

His successor, also, was the second signer of the Council of Serdica 343. Athanasius, present at Trier in 335/336, mentions the numerous Christian communities and the churches under construction. Lactantius resided at Trier during Agricius's episcopate as the tutor of Crispus.

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Bishop of Trier ‘re-baptized' by Protestant travelquaz

Bishop of Trier

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